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Betting rules

Our platform offers various types of virtual sports events available online 24/7. All games come with realistic high quality video and audio content which provides the customer with superior betting experience. All bets placed on virtual sports events are subject of our Terms and Conditions.

  • Each virtual event is preceded by an introduction which displays the information about the participants (teams/racers/players) of the upcoming event. The virtual event itself is presented by a computer-generated or pre-recorded movie based on the random result determined by Random Number Generator (RNG). The Random Number Generator is audited and certified by BMM Testlab on behalf of the Alderney Gambling Control Commission and Malta Remote Gaming Regulations. Each finished virtual event is followed by the result phase which displays the final results of the previous match/race/game for short time. After this, the introduction of the next upcoming event will be displayed.
  • Multiple events of the same game type are available for placing bets simultaneously. Such events don’t start simultaneously but with certain intervals – one after another.
  • All betting markets offered are fixed-odds, i.e. once displayed the prices for certain virtual events will not change anymore.
  • We accept bets on virtual events which start in the next few minutes or forthcoming hours. “Ante Post” betting is not offered. All prices are offered in decimal format with up to 2 decimal digits per betting market. The prices for all betting markets are not lower than 1.01 and strictly proportional to the chances of the corresponding outcomes: the higher chances of the participant winning then the lower the price. If due to high chances, the calculated prices for a certain outcome is lower than 1.01, such outcomes will not be available for placing bets. We offer prices with fixed RTP for each betting market for each game. The RTP, return to player, means the theoretical percentage of wagered stakes the platform pays to players as winnings across a very large volume of plays. The RTP does not correspond to the payout percentage for the particular player, but the average payout percentage for all players over a long time period. You can find the RTP for each betting market in the game rules of the particular game. You are able to place bets right up until the virtual event starts. All betting markets associated with the event disappear when the virtual event starts. The betting markets for newly scheduled events appear automatically when the next event becomes available. When you pick a selection it is placed onto the bet slip. You can place multiple selections onto the bet slip and combine them. When all selections are complete you need to confirm these on the bet slip in order to finalize the betting process and book a ticket. If the virtual event starts before you have confirmed the bet slip, then the corresponding selections are removed from the bet slip automatically.
  • You can place a random selection onto the bet slip using our “Quick Bet” button. The start time is indicated for each virtual event offered. In addition, we provide a count-down for upcoming events in the event introduction. Due to the nature of video streaming, the count-down in the introduction might be displayed with a delay depending on the current device being used.
  • We settle the bets after final results for the virtual event have been displayed for a short time and have disappeared. Please consider that due to technical reasons a small delay is possible for settling bets. The requested stake amount is deducted from your account immediately after you confirm your bet slip. If you don’t have sufficient funds to place a stake your booking will be declined and no ticket will be booked.
  • We charge the stakes and pay the wins to you using the currency of your account. We don’t apply currency conversion for your stakes or wins.
  • We calculate the total return and pay it out onto your account automatically after all placed bets have been settled. Please consider that due to technical reasons a small delay is possible for payout. You can check the results of completed events for at least 3 months after the event ends.
  • The history of your bets are available for at least 3 months after the event ends. In the event of a discrepancy between the result showing on the screen and the gaming server, the result showing on the gaming server shall be the official and governing result of the game. Account Holder understands and agrees that platform records shall be the final authority in determining the terms of his participation in the games, the activity resulting from there and circumstances in which they occurred. Due to the nature of Internet connectivity and video streaming technologies the video could be out of sync or delayed. We consider such behavior normal. We recommend you to install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. Please visit Adobe website in order to check the latest version of Flash Player: https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer. Our website supports modern web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. To get the best experience we recommend you to use the latest version of Google Chrome.

Voiding bets

As we accept bets on the virtual events which will start shortly, once the bets have been made we don’t allow to change or cancel them anymore. Please review your bet slip before confirming bets.

In very rare cases your bets can also be voided automatically if the virtual event is cancelled. This might happen due to technical reasons: system maintenance or software/hardware issues which prevent us to generate the result of the virtual event. If the result of the virtual event is generated, then all bets on this event are settled.

If all of your selections are voided, then we reimburse the full amount of the stake onto your account. In such cases your ticket does not contribute into jackpot and has no chance to win it. We do our best to process your ticket as soon as possible and will reimburse it when the technical issues are solved.

If some of your selections have been settled or can still be settled, we don’t void your ticket but apply the following rules based on the bet type:
  • Single bet type – a part of the stake put onto voided selections is reimbursed and other selections are settled normally.
  • Combi, system and split column bet types – the voided selections are settled as with coefficient 1.00 and can still participate into combinations.
In such cases your ticket is paid when all selections are settled. Such tickets also contribute into jackpot and have a chance to win it.

Currencies and Limitations

We allow you to place bets only if you are logged in with your account. If you are not logged in you are still able to pick the selection onto bet slip and make various combinations but you are not able to fully complete your betting process and book a ticket. We also don’t offer play for fun option.

If you are logged in we display all financial values (stakes, potential winnings, jackpots) in the currency of your account. If you are not logged in and use our platform anonymously, we display all financial values in EUR. They will be changed to the currency of your account after you log in.

If your currency is different from the one we use to collect the jackpot, we use the actual exchange rates to display the prize pool of the jackpot in your currency. We synchronize the exchange rates with the trusted source of information on a daily basis.

We also apply the limitations on placing bets:
  • The minimum amount/bet which can be placed;
  • The maximum amount/bet which can be placed;
  • The maximum amount that can be won by a single bet, combi bet or permutation of system or split column bet types. This amount does not include bonus which can be added on top of the win.
If any of these limitations are violated, we don’t allow you to place bets.