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Promotion Legal and Rules


1. - What is M-BET Likes you?

The Club in which our registered players with an active account (the player is to have played tickets in the current month) can enjoy exclusive benefits and experiences. For every 50,000 TZS played and lost in sports, you will receive +1 Like M-BET that you can accumulate and redeem for advantages and experiences.

2. - How can I sign up for M-BET Likes YOU?

Register at M-BET and have an active account, so start doing tickets.

3. - How can I find out my total M-BET Likes “points” and my available benefits?

Monthly you will receive your points that you have accumulated either by WhatsApp or by Instagram, in case you want to continue accumulating or exchange them for the advantages and experiences available. The available benefits are always indicated in our communications and on the website and app.

4. - How long do I have to use my Likes?

The Likes you receive are valid for a maximum of one quarter (3 months), since we will change the advantages and experiences to surprise you every quarter, and so that you can enjoy different and unique experiences. Every quarter any Likes not enjoyed will be reset.

5. - How can I give or receive Likes from other people?

In M-BET Likes cannot be transferred between users.

6. - Do you have more questions?

Check all the information about the program on M-BET Likes You in the Terms and Conditions on the page.